Monday, May 16, 2011


I will be visiting with Candy and Dave for a fall workshop. The May workshop was so incredible that I want to do it again this fall.  Decisions will be made as to October or November and as to three days or five days.  If you want to make suggestions or tell me what is better for me.
I have added a slide show from the May workshop over to the side.

The new website is up and you can witness online the incredible beauty of this retreat for artists.

I am also visiting with Kimberly Conrad on doing a one or two day workshop in Denver in July. Please email me if you might be interested in attending that as well.


Monday, February 14, 2011

The Plans are Made! Join Laurie Pace with the FIRST CFAI Sponsored workshop At Selah Ranch in Mt Vernon Texas for A Discovery Artist Retreat in May 2011

With over thirty years of teaching experience and many requests, I have finally put together a workshop for May of this year. 

I prayed hard over the past 8 months and considered several alternatives, but God kept Selah Ranch strong in my heart for the place to do this.   The Selah Ranch Artist Retreat will offer so much to you as an artist, that it is worth the drive and participation and staying on the Ranch to do it all. There are hotels in Mt Pleasant TX, about 20 miles from the ranch that can be booked once the Ranch is full. You can attend the workshop if you live locally as well. 

It is a full planned three days including all of your meals and your room.  Please download my PDF of the workshop and supply list.   Selah Ranch Artist Retreat May 2011

If you stay at the Ranch your room and board (all meals, snacks...everything) is $440 and the workshop is only $295.  If you are a local person or book at another hotel, the cost of the workshop is $355 because we have to include your mid-day meal and your snacks during the day. You can read about it in the pdf and you can click on the link above to learn more about Selah Ranch and to choose your special room. This is a place you can bring your spouse and they too will benefit from the restful environment.  Email me if you have questions:  Laurie    BUT book early if you want choice of your favorite room! 

Come and join me on this journey. 

"There is no right way to do anything, there is only 
the way you are doing it.
  Never be afraid to "try your hand" because you don't
want to make a mistake or not do something 'right' .
Success in life comes from being willing to move
into uncharted territory.
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

See you in May!